CHIROPODY is the traditional way of dealing with painful conditions of the foot: corns, calluses, ingrowing toenails and skin disorders such as verruca and athletes foot.

Chiropody TreatmentWHY DO I NEED A CHIROPODIST? Did you know that we take on average 18,000 steps every day? If we multiply this by the average lifetime, then we walk the equivalent of five times around the world. Yet still our feet are probably the most neglected part of our body, only seeking attention when they become painful.
How much better would it be if we established a routine of home and professional care that prevented pain from ever occurring?

If you've ever experienced foot problems then you will be aware of how debilitating it can be, not only physically but psychologically as well. Have you ever heard anyone say that the pain in your foot shows in your face?

WHY SHOULD I USE THE ACHILLES CENTRE FOR CHIROPODY? All of our chiropody team are state registered, and they all hold a degree in podiatric medicine. State registration is the standard set by the government through the Alliance of health Professionals.

We also believe that the key to the best long-term foot care is in the examination prior to any treatment. Spending the time to find out why we have a particular problem means that we can treat the cause and not just the symptoms.

This is why at your first consultation you will receive a thorough examination of your feet, which includes an assessment of the circulation to the area, the condition of the skin, the size, type and nature of any lesions or deformities. We will also assess how the joints within your feet move and examine you whilst sitting, standing and during walking.

More importantly from this we are able to establish a routine foot care plan, tailored to you, that will keep your feet at their peak.

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