Angela Cottingham, adjusting orthotic insole

PODIATRY is the speciality concerned with the diagnosis and or medical, surgical, mechanical, physical or other treatment of the diseases, injuries and defects of the human foot.

A podiatrist is a medical specialist trained in the treatment of the lower limb. The greatest difference between a traditional chiropodist and modern day podiatrist is the in the fact that the entire lower limb (from the hip down) is treated by a podiatrist and a chiropodist only tends to work with the foot.

Podiatry includes a large field called ‘podiatric biomechanics’, this is concerned with the alignment of the bones in the foot and their relationships.

WHAT IS PODIATRIC BIOMECHANICS? Is the area of human biomechanics that deals essentially with structure and function of the feet and how they relate to each other the hips, legs and spine.

Anyone who is experiencing recurrent or severe foot discomfort and pain whilst walking, playing sports or during their normal activities may benefit from podiatry. Treatment of these type of problems is with a device called a biomechanical orthotic.

WHAT IS AN ORTHOTIC? It is a carefully constructed device that fits into your shoe and controls your foot motions and weight distribution as you walk. These devices are not arch supports; they work specifically to eliminate the causes of your symptoms, so that your feet may operate normally and efficiently.
It's amazing how many people believe that aching or painful feet are a normal part of life and it is only once the symptoms have improved with wearing foot orthoses that they realise how much discomfort they were in!

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